Report a Google Advert

Google adverts can appear in a variety of locations around the web:

  • Google’s search results
  • A third party website
  • YouTube
  • Search results from within a third party site
  • Gmail and other Google owned services like Maps

Google checks most ads but there is usually a delay between the ad going live and a Google employee reviewing it.

Don’t forget that Google doesn’t initially check copyright ownership or trademarks, it is up to the individual advertiser to ensure their ad is not in breach of any copyrights or trademark rights.

How it Works

Advertisers can sign up for a Google account and create adverts with links to specific pages within their site.

The advertiser is only charged when someone clicks on one of their ads. The cost is variable and depends on competing advertisers who also “bid” on the same keywords. The past performance of the advert and advertiser is also a factor – low quality ads cost more than high quality popular ones.

The text that appears within the ad copy is written by the advertiser and it is usually best to contact them first if you have a complaint. They may have several ads and it is usually best to fix any issues at the source.

Tell Google About an Issue With an Advert

Report Copyright – This page is where you can report a copyright infringement related to a Google ad. If you see your copyright content via a web search result, try this page.

Trademark Violation – To report a trademark violation within a Google ad you need this form, Note that Google does not remove sites from the their core search results which display your trademark. You would need to contact the site owner directly.

Report Policy Violation – This form is for reporting policy violations. Google will review the information you provide and take action against the ad and/or the advertiser if they agree with you.

Complain About an Advert – If you see an advert that you don’t like but cannot see a policy violation, please try this form to give Google feedback.

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