Remove Private and Personal Information From YouTube

Personal information may appear in several locations within the YouTube website:

  1. Within channel comments
  2. Within video comments
  3. Profile description or background
  4. Video title or description
  5. In the video itself

The word “personal” is vague and could mean almost anything. For the purposes of removing content from YouTube “personal” means information that can be used to personally identify/contact you or compromises you financially. Examples would be credit card and ID numbers, home and email addresses, telephone numbers and your child’s personal information. YouTube will also look into other types of financial information that has been exposed.

If your image, voice, full legal name or child is being shown on a video you can also contact YouTube and make a complaint.

Are you looking to remove copyright content? For example, someone has stolen and republished your video without permission? If so you need my page dedicated to removing copyright content from YouTube.

Remove Personal Information – YouTube

You best bet is to first contact the publisher/account holder directly. They may not be aware of  the distress they have caused. If they do not respond or you are not comfortable contacting them then read on.

To remove the unwanted personal information that violates your privacy you need to fill in the complaints form.

There are several steps to go through on this form, you may need to pinpoint the exact location of the personal information and also sign a declaration.

If you submit a complaint to YouTube they will in most cases, contact the infringing account holder. YouTube will not pass on your personal details to them.

If you submit a copyright take-down request then the information you provide may be partially redacted but won’t be completely removed.

Other Options

If you have a legal request you wish to submit to YouTube then you need this form.




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