Remove Name From Text On Search Engines

If you have done a search of your name or business name and seen a snippet of text which is offensive or defamatory then you can request Google to remove it – but only after you have contacted the owner of the original website and asked them to remove your name/business name from the original page.

Below is a screenshot of a typical Google search result snippet:








Your first step here is to make contact with the site owner and ask them to remove your name from the page entirely.

Wait and See or Expedite Removal?

Once the keywords have been removed it is just a matter of time until Google changes the snippet of text. Expect to wait a few days for popular websites or a few weeks for more obscure domains.

You can ask Google to expedite the removal process. This is done via the removal tool and is intended for those who need to protect privacy and/or remove sensitive information urgently.

It is worth stating again – You must first contact the site owner and get the keywords (your name) removed entirely from the page.

Note: Submitting this type of request will not remove the actual click-able search result (the blue link). To remove a result entirely you need to get the page taken down from the web OR ask the web site owner to put a piece of code on the page instructing search engines NOT to index the page.

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