Remove Name From Adult Website

Have you done a Google search of your name lately? Seen some things you wish you hadn’t?

In most cases you would need to contact the originating website and ask them to remove your name from the web page. It is then just a matter of time before Google removes the links from the search results.

There is a another way to remove some types of adult sites that appear when you search your name.

If you see a page that meets the following three criteria, then you can request Google to remove the links:

  1. Contains your name or business name
  2. Contains adult content
  3. Is spam

Remember, not all adult pages/sites are considered spam! There are legitimate adult sites that do not spam the web.

This form is only for pages that are considered spam. Or in other words, they must violate Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Processing Times

Once the online  form has been sent, the spammy adult page should be removed within a week – if the Google team accepts your request.

Other Options

Some people are unfortunate enough to have the same name as an adult industry actor/actress. If that is you then you may struggle to get all the search results removed. Porn is not illegal (in most countries) and these actors/actresses have a right to share there work online.

You could try these options:

  1. Engage in Reputation Management, the process of creating friendly content across several websites that will appear high up in the search engines.
  2. Contact the legitimate adult sites and request they remove/edit the name.
  3. Use the Google form to request removal of spammy adult sites that contain your name.
  4. Request Google to remove any adult photos that appear in the Image Search results when Safesearch filter is enabled (Google will remove adult photos, but only from the filtered image search results).


Remove page that contains your name, is adult in nature and is spam.

Remove adult images from Safesearch filtered image results – strict or moderate setting (you will need to input the url and select from the options)

2 Responses to Remove Name From Adult Website

  1. Tiara May 5, 2012 at 1:36 pm #

    Deleted porn vdeos from my cell phone and clear my history

  2. Sherry uresti August 3, 2012 at 6:26 am #

    Please delete all photos and name
    I do not have a Myspace or Facebook account
    There are photos if me there that is not authorized to be there
    Also delete any information on goggle
    I was not ask for permission to be listed on any websites
    No one was authorized to lists or use any information About me
    Date of births, marriages or divorce was not given by me
    This is against the privacy act law no one has the right to lists where I live ,
    My phone numbers, Or ANY information
    Please remove all

    Sherry Uresti