Remove My Old Website From Google

So you own a website, lets call it and you want to remove this site from Google and replace it with your new site in another domain, something like Right?

First things first… you should ideally keep control of your old site for at least 6 months. This is so you can set up the relevant redirects and let your users know that you have moved to a new address. If you don’t keep control of your old site and you have sold it then you may have just made a huge mistake as you will have no control of the site or how it appears it the search results.

Best Practices For Moving a Site

There are several steps you can take to inform both Google and your users that your site has moved.

  1. Set up 301 redirects on a page to page basis, this is BEST way to move a page to a new url.
  2. Register both sites in Google webmaster tools and use the “change of address” feature.
  3. Contact all the key websites that have linked to your web site and ask them to update the link.

Things to Avoid

You want to avoid the following:

  1. Your users landing on a 404 page or other empty page
  2. Using 302 temporary redirects
  3. Selling your site before you have moved to new domain (if you plan to keep the rankings)

Can Google Remove the Search Results of a Site I do Not Own?

To prevent abuse of the removal system, no you cannot ask Google to remove or transfer a site unless you have control of that site.

More information can be found here.


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