Remove House or Car From Google Street View

Google Street View, it’s 360° street level photo mapping service is available in several countries and each government will have negotiated differing levels of privacy for it’s citizens.

For example, in Canada you can request the complete removal (not just blurring) of your house, car and even photos of yourself or family members.

In the United Kingdom, cars cannot be fully removed but only blurred. The same applies for people, only their faces can be blurred.

Options (United Kingdom + Other Countries)

Whether you are based in the United Kingdom or not you can go the offending Street View image and in the left corner select “report a concern”. You will be given a set of options, each country will be different.

Those based in the United Kingdom will then have to choose one of these:

  1. A face
  2. My house
  3. Car/number plate
  4. Offensive content such as nudity
  5. Report an error such as wrong address or incorrect navigational arrows
  6. Report bad image quality
  7. Tell Google that this image presents security concerns to you
  8. You can also leave general feedback

You can only send these requests by first locating the offending image on Street View and then clicking “report a concern” as the form you complete will automatically include the image.

You will need to move the box around the image to highlight the specific part of the image you have an issue with.

Typical Contact Form

Below is a photo of a typical contact form used by the Google Street View service:



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