Remove Copyright Photos/Content From Google

If you are looking to remove your copyright content from the major search engines then the first step is to try and contact the offending website and request a take-down.

The second step is try and contact the business that is hosting the website and ask them to take the site down, this usually only works if the entire site has been set up to copy/scrape content.

If neither the host or the site owner responds or they deny your request then you can ask Google to remove any links from their search results to the copyright material. They will also remove any photos that appear in the image search.

This isn’t the preferred method as other sites may still link to the site but as Google is the number 1 search provider it’s a step you should take if a direct take-down request fails.

How to File a Copyright Take-down Request

If the offending web page is appearing in the core search results then you can fill in this form:

If successful, a link may appear at the base of the search results indicating that a result was removed due to a copyright infringement.

You will need to provide the following when you fill out the form, failure to do so may result in longer processing times and/or a refusal:

  1. A link to all the urls (pages) that contain your copyright content
  2. A link to your work so the DMCA team can see where the original work is located
  3. Description of the copyright work
  4. Signed declaration

Requests For Other Google Products

If your copyright content is appearing via another Google product, such as an advert or by Google’s blogging service (Blogger) then you will need to file additional take-down requests:

Try this page and explore the links you find:

Processing Times

If you have filled out the form correctly and disclosed as much information as possible to assist the DMCA team then you may find that the search results are removed in around 24 hours.

If the request isn’t clear and simple then they may need to investigate further and this will take more time. If successful expect the copyright work to be removed within a week, maximum.

Submitted a Removal Request to Google but Content Still Appears in Search?

This normally happens when a site creates duplicate pages of the same content, an example would be below:

If both pages contain copyright information then you would need to submit two requests, even if both pages are identical.

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