Remove Copied Video From YouTube

These days more and more people are copying videos and adding voice-overs, annotations or generally altering the original video. Many folks do not realize they are infringing copyrights while others simply do not care.

YouTube has a few options for you to explore if this has happened to you:

  1. Report impersonation
  2. File a copyright take down request
  3. Report privacy concern

Report impersonation

In my opinion simply copying a video doesn’t amount to impersonation. There has to be an actual act or claim made by the offender.

You may want to see the video description or comments section to see if they are pretending to be you or if they have altered the video in a manner which suggests they are actually trying to impersonate you.

If you have email evidence of impersonation or they have a similar user-name and channel layout to you then this would also be investigated.

You can use the contact form and select “impersonation” from the list: YouTube contact form

Copyright DMCA Request

If someone has created a video that contains your content (video or images) you may want to consider filing a DMCA take-down request with YouTube.

Make sure you haven’t previously granted “reuse” rights when you originally posted the video on the web as this may affect your right to request a take-down.

You can also file a take-down request with the major search engines as well, although they will normally remove the video quite quickly if you first get it taken down from YouTube.

File a DMCA request with YouTube

File a DMCA request with Google web search

Consider seeking legal advice before sending a legal request to either Google or YouTube.

Other Options

Youtube has a tool where you can report a privacy complaint. If you first read the details, confirm you understand everything and then submit a request.

Depending on the type of request, the YouTube account holder may be contacted and asked to either remove the material or to respond.

See the YouTube privacy tool here.


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