Remove Adult Search Result From Google Safesearch (+tips on how to set up Safesearch correctly)

Google’s Safesearch filter is designed to filter out most (if not all) adult pages and images from the search results. You can activate the filter via the Google search settings page. No filter is 100% accurate but Google’s is pretty good in my opinion.

Google is rather unique in that they do not block entire words or phrases, try searching for [ anal sex ] and you will still see a set of results, albeit heavily filtered. For this phrase you are most likely to find informational sites rather than pornographic ones.

This is in contrast to Yahoo! who block you from seeing any results at all for this term.

How Does Google Filter These Results?

Google uses complex computer algorithms to detect adult text and images. Obviously not every page that contains an adult word is filtered. For example, the page you are reading now already contains two adult words but it wouldn’t be fair to filter this as it’s a useful resource.

Google looks at the following:

  1. Repetitive use of adult words at page level
  2. Use of adult words at site level (i.e. all pages within a site)
  3. Outgoing links (i.e. is this site linking to adult sites?)
  4. Incoming links (i.e are they from adult sites?)
  5. Types of ads on the site
  6. Feedback from Google users, either directly or via the Google Toolbar usage statistics

Report an Adult Image or Site to Google

While Google doesn’t remove typical adult sites from their core search results they will consider removing them from the filtered Safesearch results (for both strict and moderate settings).

You can leave feedback for Google by selecting “report image” in the image search results but a better approach would be to actually request a removal via the official removal tool.

Want to report abuse of minors/children? You need this page.


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