Remove 404 Page From Google

We have all seen these types of pages that occasionally crop up on the web, usually they contain a generic notice such as “Sorry. 404 page not found error”


Did you know that you can ask Google to remove such pages from the search engine results?

404’s will normally vanish from the search results after a week or few but if you want to expedite the removal you can use the tool below:

If successful you should expect the search result to be entirely removed with 24 hours, sometimes a little longer.

Troubleshooting Google’s Removal Tool

Getting a page to respond with a “404 not found” message is ideal as they are normally very easy to remove from the search results.

Problems usually occur because of the following reasons:

  • You inputted the wrong url into the Google removal tool, you need to put the url (web address) of the page – not the Google search results page.
  • The page isn’t a true 404. Use this tool, it will test the page and tell you the true header response, you are looking for a 404 – if you see a 200 or a redirect then you probably cannot use the removal tool.


One Response to Remove 404 Page From Google

  1. Debby October 7, 2011 at 12:55 pm #

    I followed your tips and it worked.

    Took 2 days for Google to act but now it’s done.

    Thank you.