How to Remove an Image From Google With the Removal Tool

If you see an image appear in the core search results or the Google image search and you want it removed the best course of action is to contact the site owner and ask him/her to take it down from the website, not just from the page but from the whole site (from the server).

Once that has been done it is just a matter of time before search engines to update their index, it could take a few days or a few weeks but it will disappear, provided  the image now responds with a 404 page not found. Yes that is import and and is why it is written in bold!

How to Use the Google Removal Tool to Expedite Removal

So you have already removed the image from the original website? and the page now reads “404 page not found”?

If so follow these instructions:

1) Search for the image:

This is easy, go to Google images and repeat the search so you see the offending image, now click on it.

2) Click “full size image”

Now click “full size image”  from the right hand side of the page:

3) Now copy the address

You should now see a “404 page not found error”, that is if you first contacted the site owner and asked them remove the image and leave behind a 404 as I suggested.

4) Use the removal tool

The removal tool is self explanatory, but only works if you input the correct url (web address) and select the correct option. Don’t forget that you should first get the url to respond with a 404!

More info and a link to the Google removal tool can be found here.

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