How To Remove A Link Underneath My Website

If you do a search for your website you may see a set of links underneath it, click on this photo as an example:

The links you see are called Sitelinks and I have good news for you!

You can ask Google to exclude a link by signing up to Google Webmaster Tools (free) and verifying ownership of your site.

Google doesn’t promise to remove every link requested via their Webmaster Tools panel but they will take it as a strong hint not to show it.

Improving Sitelinks

The Sitelinks are created by an algorithm that looks at the structure of your website. You need to use descriptive anchor text on internal links and avoid repetition for them to appear. Google doesn’t show these links for every site.

You cannot ask Google to remove a Sitelink unless you own or have admin access to the site.

Google currently creates Sitelinks automatically without owners direct input.


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