Google Won’t Remove Result After Name or Keyword Removed From Page

This is part TWO of FOUR pages that offer advice and explanations as to why Google has denied your removal request.

  1. Complete removal of result, the webmaster as ALREADY removed the url (404 error) or instructed google NOT to index the page.
  2. The web page still exists but the webmaster has removed the offending information (ie your name or personal info).
  3. The site refuses to help you. Can Google remove sensitive personal info?
  4. Remove inappropriate content from Safesearch filtered results.

The Google removal tool can be found here.

The Webmaster Has Altered The Page – Google Denies Removal Request

Q – Why has my request been denied? I contacted the site owner and he/she removed the offending keywords.

A – The most common reason is because the wrong option was selected in the removal tool. You need the second option, where you must input a word that has been removed from the page by the webmaster/site owner.

Q – I selected the correct option but Google still denies me?

A – You need to check you have inputted the correct url into the tool and the keywords do not appear ANYWHERE on the page. If you were trying to remove the name [ John Doe ] then both of those words must be removed from the page.

It bears repeating: For this option to be successful you must make sure all the keywords you enter into the tool have been fully removed from the original web page first.

Google Accepted My Removal Request But Search Result Still Appears

Q – Google accepted my cache removal request but why do I still see it in the search results?

A – Choosing the second option in the removal does not result in a complete removal. Google, if they accept your request it will remove the snippet of text and the link titled “cache”

The actual blue link that directs visitors to the web page will only disappear after Google revisits the page and updates it. The only way you can forcibly remove the result is to contact the site owner and get the page taken down or blocked from search engines as per my page here.

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