Google Refuses To Remove Adult Image From Safesearch Results

This is part FOUR of FOUR pages that offer advice and explanations as to why Google have denied your removal request.

  1. Complete removal of result, the webmaster as ALREADY removed the url (404 error) or instructed google NOT to index the page.
  2. The web page still exists but the webmaster has removed the offending information (ie your name or personal info).
  3. The site refuses to help you. Can Google remove sensitive personal info?
  4. Remove inappropriate content from Safesearch filtered results.

The Google removal tool can be found here.

Removing Adult Images From Google

While Google doesn’t remove adult image from their core results they will consider removing them from the filtered and child friendly Safesearch results.

Google’s documents claim they will remove “inappropriate content” but there have been reports of failed requests, even though the content appeared to be adult in nature and certainly unsuitable for children.

Report Images Vs Removal Tool

There are two ways to inform Google of adult or inappropriate content, the first is via a link titled “report images” from the main image search results.

The second option is to use the Google removal tool.

The report images link is useful if you want to leave feedback but to request an actual removal use the tool. You can revisit the removal tool at any time and check the status of your request, you should see a label that reads;  pending, removed or denied.

Reasons For Denial

It can take from a few days up to a week for Google to review your image removal request. It is worth remembering that this tool only removes images from the Safesearch filtered results.

The most common reasons for denial are:

  1. You added the wrong url to the tool
  2. The image doesn’t appear in the filtered results
  3. The Google team has determined that the image is not “inappropriate” enough for removal


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