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Launch of New Website

The owners of SubtractMe wish to announce the launch of a new UK based website over at The site is a guide to construction and home repair prices that homeowners can expect to pay. We hope that with this information the homeowner can avoid rogue “cowboy traders” that are prevalent in the United Kingdom. […]

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Remove Cache and Preview From Google

The cache that appears in Google’s search results is the copy of a web page as last seen by Google, i.e when they last visited the page. They also show other information in the search results, including a title, snippet of text and a preview window. All of these can be updated independently of each […]

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Remove My Old Website From Google

So you own a website, lets call it and you want to remove this site from Google and replace it with your new site in another domain, something like Right? First things first… you should ideally keep control of your old site for at least 6 months. This is so you can set […]

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Remove a Trademark Infringement From Google

Trademarks and brand names are not always protected by the strict laws that copyright holders enjoy. If a copyright holder sees his/her work reproduced without permission then getting it removed from the search results of either Bing or market leader Google is quite easy. Trademarks are an entirely different kettle of fish. It can take […]

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Tell Google About Scam Rip Off Sites?

The search results you see in Google are a reflection of the Internet, Google doesn’t vet or screen businesses before including their web pages in the results. All the pages Google knows about are ranked by a computer program and manual removals are extremely rare, usually because of one of these reasons: An extreme case […]

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Why Doesn’t Google Block All Offensive Words?

This is a good question and one I have seen asked many times on several different forums during the last year. To give you a little background here, Google has a Safesearch option that filters out adult images and adult web pages, it’s not 100% accurate but is pretty good for an automated program. One […]

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How To Remove A Link Underneath My Website

If you do a search for your website you may see a set of links underneath it, click on this photo as an example: The links you see are called Sitelinks and I have good news for you! You can ask Google to exclude a link by signing up to Google Webmaster Tools (free) and […]

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